2019. December 16., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall


János Rácz - flute
Beáta Várnai - clarinet
Judit Polonkai - bassoon
Krisztina Szélpál - oboe
Gábor Tóth - horn
Noémi Verbőczi - dance
Demeter Kóbor - dance

Hosted by music historian Endre Tóth

Christmas poems and short stories selected and performed by István Hirtling

Dvořák: Slavic Dance, No. 8
Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a
Jingle Bells - New Orleans Style
La Paloma
Bach: Suite in D major, BWV 1068 - Air, Gigue
Shostakovich: Waltz no. 2.
Delibes: Sylvia - Pizzicato
Abreu: Tico-Tico

This time, the Philharmonic Society's Christmas Concert will feature dancers. The reason? The melodies of the popular Nutcracker, but the wind quintet also prepares with some exciting, entertaining music, rounded out by the dance.

The audience will not be left without the magic of words since Mari Jászai Award winning actor István Hirtling will read poems and short stories related to Advent.

Have you ever wondered why the nutcracker is an important symbol in the most famous ballet in the world? According to a German legend, the nutcracker brings good luck to the family and protects the home; therefore, this household appliance was once a popular Christmas gift for children, a custom which disappeared since. The Band wishes the audience a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with the tunes of the Nutcracker.

Tickets: 2200 Ft Senior and Student tickets: 1500 Ft


Organizer: Budapest Philharmonic Society

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