There are several works of art at Óbudai Társaskör. Some of them were created during the renovation of the building.

Architect Katalin Korompay received the Ybl Prize for her work on the house.

Painter Lilla Bencze created Óbuda Triptichon, two of the three enamel compositions adorn the sliding doors in the foyer.

Lamps designed by Attila Zsigmond and Imre Balázs Szily light up the interior and exterior of the house.

The head shaped fountain in the garden, the work of sculptor Gulácsy-Horváth Zsolt, arches over the in situ remains of a Roman aqueduct.

In the decades since the opening of the house the number of works has increased steadily.

The three textile works – created by Gabriella Farkas and László Pécsi – adorn the walls of the chamber music room courtesy of the Art Gallery of Szombathely.

Ilona Kiss created her three dimensional art in memory of novelist Gyula Krúdy.

The following works have been on display since 2008:

Goldsmith László Marosi created the plaques that mark the honorary seats of now retired manager Judit Merényi and her assistant Éva Wéber.

Students of the University of West Hungary: Zsófia Braun, Bettina Módra and Zsófia Szőnyegi draped the walls of one of the classrooms with their textile compositions.

As part of her exhibition Ágnes Szabics adorned the glass of the door of Társaskör.

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