2018. June 4., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

János Másik - piano, guitar, bandoneon, vocals
Ferenc Kovács (Öcsi) - violin, trumpet, vocals

Songs by Tamás Cseh, Leonard Cohen, János Másik and Ferenc Kovács

The songs of Tamás Cseh are unmissible if János Másik is on stage. These cult songs express a generation's zeitgeist. Similarly, the songs of the now deathless Canadian poet and songwriter Leonard Cohen touch the hearts of Hungarians. János Másik plays a wide spectrum of music with confidence: he graduated from the Music Academy, but he also studied jazz, he first became known as an underground musician, he wrote film scores and music for actors' albums. He enjoys diversity, he invites partners from almost every area of ​​music, and now he has chosen the great jazz artist, Ferenc Kovács Öcsi. The need for variety is shared by the two musicians. After graduating from the Academy of Music, Öcsi played in several symphony orchestras, but he also studied other genres of music. He is interested in everything from folk music through contemporary music to jazz. Throughout his career he has participated in numerous contemporary projects. He has worked with Group 180 and György Szabados's MAKUZ, he was a founding member of Budapest Ragtime Band, played with Mihály Dresch's Quartet and Kálmán Balogh's Gipsy Cymbalom Band. Today he also brings his own compositions to the Társaskör. This is a repeat of their immensely successful January concert.

Cecília Szőke

Tickets: 2000 Ft



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