2020. November 5., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

Róza Radnóti - piano

Opening speech: Milán Bolla

Liszt: Années de pèlerinage I. - Première année: Suisse 1. La Chapelle de Guillaume Tell, R. 10a / 1, p. 160
Liszt: Années de pèlerinage I. - Première année: Suisse 8. Le mal du pays, R. 10a / 8, S. 160
Janáček: On an overgrown path - Volume 1
Liszt: Années de pèlerinage I. - Première année: Suisse 6. Vallée d'Obermann, R. 10a / 6, p. 160

Róza Radnóti is a particularly active member of her generation. She founded the Chamber Circle at the Academy of Music, with old friends and former pianist students of the Pál Járdányi Music School. In addition to her diversified interests (film, fine arts, dance), Róza Radnóti has won prizes in many Hungarian and international piano competitions. After graduating with a BA, she takes a year off to pursue her other areas of interest. As a student at MOME, she studies video clips in a semester course.

"I really enjoy listening to music with my eyes closed, but it's also a great experience when music and picture work together in such a way that their components are inseparable." she says. At this concert, we can embark on a musical journey with our eyes closed, guided by Liszt to Switzerland with pieces from the first volume of the Pilgrim Years. A special feature of the concert is the Janáček piece, which is rarely heard at concerts.

Tickets: 1600 Ft, Student tickets: 800 Ft


Please note that we have reduced the number of available seats for safety reasons.

Sponsor: National Cultural Fund 

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