2020. March 25., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

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Director Mária Harsányi and her team

Péter Sárik Trio

A Concert on Béla Bartók's Birthday

Romanian Dances No. 1
Mikrokosmos No. 122
Etude No. 1
Dance from Bucsum
Bulgarian Rhythm
For Children No. 26
Allegro Barbaro
Don't Leave Me
Piano Concerto No. 2
One Spot
Este a székelyeknél (Evening With Szeklers)

Perhaps no other composer has had such a powerful influence on contemporary jazz as Bartók. The astonishing power and dynamics of his works almost overwhelm the listener, his music is full of excitement, mystery, boundless depth and purity. Our goal in creating this material was to attract people to Bartók's music, even those who find it difficult to love. The perfect pairing of jazz and Bartók, the piano pieces arranged in a trio have an even more characterstic sound, the orchestral works and the folk song arrangements become fresh and leave an endless space for improvisation.

Péter Sárik

In the last ten years, the Péter Sárik Trio has become one of the most popular and dominant jazz bands in Hungary. One of the keys to their success is that all three are very open-minded, versatile musicians, reaching out to a much wider audience than most jazz bands. The band's concerts often seem more like a pop or rock concert, even when they play at the Music Academy or in the most prestigious concert halls. Their friendliness and energy brings scores of new fans to jazz.


Tickets: 1800 Ft, Senior and Student tickets: 900 Ft 

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