2019. December 15., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

Featuring: Miklós Bódiss - cello

Conductor: Péter Gazda

Elgar: Serenade, Op. 20th
Haydn: Cello Concerto in C major, Hob. VIIb: 1
Haydn: Symphony in C major "The Bear", No.82, Hob. I: 82

In an interview with the Társaskör Blog, Peter Gazda stated that “… the Óbuda Chamber Orchestra is not an ultra-professional band, but we work very well together and achieve the maximum at our level. We have to learn the program and I choose it to be a little harder than what we are currently capable of. And if we can play it, then I say, we've improved. I hope this growth will keep the band alive for a long time. They say you always have to learn the piece 130% to get the concert to 90%. This is the only band in the world I know where it's the other way around. The concert is always the best! This is fantastic!” laughs heartily the conductor under whose direction popular tunes will be played at the Advent Concert. Band members will perform Elgar's bittersweet serenade dressed in a celebratory spirit, Haydn's beautiful cello concerto, found just a few decades ago, with a solo by artist and teacher Miklós Bódiss. In the second half of the concert, the Bear will pop in. At least, in the form of the characteristic growling bass of the closing movement of the symphony that bears his name.

Cecília Szőke

Tickets: 800 Ft


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