2019. November 15., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

Renaissance Songs

Rosa Mundi Trio (Basel)
Emma-Lisa Roux, John Martling - lute, vocals
Darina Ablogina - flute

Host: Zsombor Németh

Alessandro Striggio (diminutions by Giovanni Antonio Terzi): Anchor ch'io possa say
Noé Faignient (arr. by Emanuel Adriaenssen): Chi per vo no sospira
Stefan Zirler: Die Sonn' die ist verblichen
Caspar Othmayr: Ich armes Maidlein
Ludwig Senfl: Ich armes Käuzlein kleine
Caspar Othmayr: Der Mon' der steht am höchsten
John Dowland: In this Trembling Shadow
John Danyel: Like as the Lute Delights
Pierre Guédron: Belle qui m'avez blessé d'un trait si doux
Emanuel Adriaenssen: Galiarda Englesa 3
Galiarda 2
Alessandro Striggio (arr. by Emanuel Adriaenssen): Ecco ch'io lass' il Core
Cipriano di Rore (diminutions by Giovanni Bassano): Io canterei d'Amor
John Danyel: Now the Earth, the Skye, the Aire
Antoine Boesset: Jamais n'auray-je le pouvoir
Je voudrais bien ô Cloris

Renaissance paintings often feature musicians accompanying their songs with lute, and their partner playing Renaissance flute. These paintings inspired members of the band to recreate this unique atmosphere in churches and concert halls. Emma-Lisa, Darina and John, starting from Paris, Moscow and Stockholm, went on to study music at the world famous Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, one of the fortresses of early music education. Their favorite musical era is the period from the Renaissance to the Baroque. The band is eager to study the characteristics of the styles of European nations, presenting German, English, French and Italian national characteristics.

Domus Artis Singing Ensemble, also composed of Basel music academics, had their first performance at Óbudai Társaskör with great success. They encouraged Trio Rosa Mundi to join them, and we hope that after this concert they will return to Basel with some beautiful memories and tell their companions about the grateful and appreciative audience of the Társaskör.

Cecília Szőke 

Tickets: 1400 Ft, Senior and Student tickets: 700 Ft