2019. October 16., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

Song as a Genre Through the Ages

An Evening of Prose and Music with Music Academy Students

Featuring: Students of Andrea Meláth, head of the department

Laura Topolánszszky, Gabriella Fenyvesi, Róbert Erdős, Bence Gulyás, Katoh Hiroko, Eszter Finszter, Natália Tuznik

Performing on the piano: Katalin Alter, Miklós Harazdy, János Ferenc Szabó

Songs with piano accompaniment are one of the most intimate genres in music. It brings together music and poetry, composer and audience, performer and audience, singer and pianist in a very personal way. It is no accident that the original venue for the songs is not the spotlight of the big stage, but the intimate space of the home, the salon and the room. This unique atmosphere made the former Schubertiades legendary, and is evoked in the concert by Andrea Meláth and her music academy students.

Tickets: 1400 Ft, Student tickets: 700 Ft


Organizing partner: Faculty of Singing, Franz Liszt Academy of Music

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