2019. June 7., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

Zoltán Vásárhelyi Men's Choir and Stellaria Media Women's Choir of Aszod

Zoltán Vásárhelyi Men's Choir:

Agni Parthene - Anthem of the Bishop of Saint Nectarios – Worthy Indeed
To a XV. century Byzantine Melody
László Halmos: Ave Maria
Giovanni Battista Campodonico: O bone Jesu
Anonymous: O Salutaris Hostia
Andreas Rauch: Autumn Song
Franz Schubert: Todtengräberlied
Lajos Bárdos: Szellő zúg (Gentle Breeze)
József Pintér: Somogy Drinking Songs

Conductor: Tamás Ress

Stellaria Media Women's Choir:

Zoltán Kodály: Four Italian Madrigals - Chi vuol veder
Zoltán Kodály: Csalfa sugár (False Spring)
Bartók Bála: Letter to the Home
Béla Bartók: Tavasz (Spring)
Zoltán Gárdonyi: Jere bé Violám (Come My Violet)
Artur Harmat: Ave Regina
Ferenc Farkas: Bakonyi pártabúcsúztató (Bakony Bachelorette Song)
Lajos Bárdos: Jubilate Deo
Lajos Bárdos: Ave Maris Stella

Conductor: Levente Enok-Nagy

The two choirs perform together:

Zoltán Kodály: Horatii Carmen
Henry VIII: Pastime with Good Company
Igor Stravinsky: Ave Maria
Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni: Cantate Domino

Conductor: Tamás Ress and Levente Enok-Nagy

Lajos Bárdos Music Week Choir and Youth Education Foundation has been operating in its present form since 1990. Its purpose is to promote and practice music in various ways, drawing on the works of composer, conductor, musicologist and excellent teacher Lajos Bárdos. Our most important goal is to educate youth, ensuring the positive influence of the order music, useful learning and discipline. The musical series was launched in Solymár in 1977 as Solymár Music Week. It adopted Mr Bárdos's name after his death and has been operating as a civil foundation since 1990. The Foundation's work is centered on the annual national and international festival, choir forum, and concert series - the Lajos Bárdos Music Week.

Admission free.

Organizer: Lajos Bárdos Music Week Choir and Youth Education Foundation and Lajos Bárdos Chamber Choir

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