2019. May 10., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

Stage practice of BA students of the Academy of Music in Italian, Russian, German, and Hungarian

Head of Department: Andrea Meláth


2nd Grade:
Martin Csölley
Róbert Erdős
Gabriella Fenyvesi
Lóránt Katona
Viola Kovács
Vivien Józan
Lili Somogyi
Artúr Szeleczky
Natália Tuznik

3rd Grade:
Berill Ambruzs
Barna Bartos
Boglárka Borzás
Evelin Drahos
Ferenc Erdész
Zsuzsanna Kaffehr
Lőrinc Kósa
Tamás Ress
Laura Topolánszky
Attila Varga-Tóth


Teaching assistant: Bence Varga

Piano accompaniment: Rita Termes, teacher

Mozart, Mussorgsky, Pongrác Kacsóh and others...

The Department of Singing of the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music will present three performances at the Társaskör this year. The Recitativo and Chamber Music Group of the renewed chamber music program participated in the first concert in February. Now, we can sit in on the stage practice training of BA singers. The teacher of the lucky students is Miklós Szinetár, whose knowledge of the opera in Hungary may well be unrivaled. The excellent director was twice the Director General of the Opera House and, as he himself says, "I'm a Guinness record: I directed for 65 years and taught for 51 nonstop, I was director of 196 TV, film and theater productions in 20 cities of 14 countries."

Cecília Szőke

Tickets: 1400 Ft, Senior and Student tickets: 700 Ft


Organizing partner: Department of Singing of the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music

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