2019. March 28., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

Anikó Für


Róbert Hrutka - guitars
Zoltán Galambos - keyboards
Giret Gábor - bass guitar
Ákos Kottler - drums
Dely Domokos - vocals, percussion

The title song of the third album of the actress also refers to the voice of many world-famous stars she gave her voice in dubbed versions of their movies. Most of the songs were written by Róbert Hrutka, along with four by Jamie Winchester and one by Gergő Borlai. The lyrics were written by György Fekete.

Anikó Für on the album:

“I hope we have captured with our music and lyrics something fundamentally important and human that will not expire in many years. The new album - just like before - is quite sincere. A song or role does not become personal to me just because, say, it is about me, but about anything I relate to or find interesting, something that makes fall in love with it. A departure from the themes of the first two CDs is that the present album deals not only with emotional issues, love, breakup, a woman's world, but also with issues of public interest. For example, fake news, the cyber world, and ecological disasters.”

The concert at the Társaskör, more subtle than usual, also features old hits by Hrutka and Bereményi.

Tickets: 3000 Ft


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