2019. March 7., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

With members of the Budapest Strings

Bach: Tri-Sonata of C major, BWV 1037
Boccherini: String D String, G 339
Mendelssohn: A-minor String Quartet, Op. 13

Host: Szabolcs Molnár music historian

Why would Beethoven's Serenade be an unfair question in a musical quiz? What string quartet should we surprise our wife with for our wedding anniversary? How does the adolescent Mendelssohn despair hearing of Beethoven's death? How does it feel to play a single note for endless beats while a cheeky lover is courting a shepherdess? What should we pay attention to when dividing the inheritance between too many boys? Who else than Bach can write a Bach piece? So many life-changing questions. Fortunately, there are answers but only at the concert. Again, in 2019, we invite chamber music fans to Óbuda where a conversational style is a must.

Tickets: 1600 Ft, Student tickets: 800 Ft


Organizing partner: Budapest Strings

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