2019. February 16., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

Enikő Szilágyi sings Hungarian chansons

Piano accompaniment: Bart Meyckens

Fátyolos a szemed (Your Eyes Are Veiled)
Várj reám (Wait For Me)
A szívemmel látlak téged (I See You With My Heart)
Hol van az a nyár (Where's That Summer)
Falak (Walls)
Köszönet mindenért (Thanks For Everything)
Az egész csak színház (It's All Just a Theater)
Micsoda útjaim (My Wonderful Ways)
Látod, valóra vált (See, It Has Come True)
Az én mamám (My Mom)
Szerelmi álmok (Love Dreams)
Volna még... (I'd Have More to Say...)
Dúdoló (Humming)
Az egyiknek sikerül... (One Succeeds...)
Haza (Home)
Imádság (Prayer)

One of the most popular artists of the Társaskör, Enikő Szilágyi, who lives in Paris, promised last year that she would return with a Hungarian program after her French chanson concerts.

This selection of chansons is the fullfillment of that promise. An actress from Cluj-Napoca, she won best actress award four times in Hungary, won the Kazinczy Prize for the beautiful Hungarian speech and was awarded the Knight Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary. After her years in Hungary she moved to Paris where she became a well-known singer-performer, and where the Ministry of Culture of France gave her the Art and Literature Knight Order Award in 2017 for her outstanding singing and performing career.

Tickets: 2800 Ft



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