2019. January 27., 17:00
Ottó Till Hall

Tamás Rónaszéki - violin
Imre Hargitai - piano

Sonata in G, K. 301
Sonata in A, K. 305
Sonata in E minor, K. 304

Sonata in F, K. 377
Sonata in B, K. 378

"Mozart is the world's greatest composer. Beethoven wrote music but Mozart's music is so pure and beautiful that we feel like one can only find it - it has always existed as part of the inner beauty of the universe, just waiting for someone to find it."

Albert Einstein

On Mozart's birthday, it is now virtually a tradition to celebrate with a piano and violin sonata concert by Tamás Rónaszeki and Imre Hargitai. In the first part of the concert, you can listen to one of Mozart's most joyful tunes which opens the K. 305 Sonata in A. This is framed by the first piece of the Palatine Sonatas and by Mozart's sole E minor piece. The tragic character of K. 304 sonata reflects on the death of his mother that year.

After the break, the two instruments are equal partners in the piece dedicated to one of Mozart's students Josepha Auernhammer, as well as in the B major sonata that closes the concert.

The performers of the concert: Tamás Rónaszeki, a member of the Budapest Strings, art teacher, church Choir leader and Imre Hargitai, pianist, instructor of the Academy of Music. They are long time collaborative partners in chamber music and have made two sonata recordings.

Cecília Szőke


Tickets: 1600 Ft, Student tickets: 800 Ft




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