2019. January 19., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

Ádám Balogh

Debussy: Etudes
No. 1 pour les cinq doigts d'après Monsieur Czerny
No. 8 pour les agréments
No. 9 pour les notes répétées
No. 11 pour les arpèges composés
No. 5 pour les octaves
Ravel: Gaspard de la nuit
Ondine - Le gibet - Scarbo

Deux danses op. 73, No. 1 Guirlandes, No. 2 Flammes sombres
Deux morceaux op. 59, No. 1 Poème, No. 2 Prelude
Deux poèmes op. 69, No. 1 Allegretto, No. 2 Allegretto
Deux poèmes op. 71, No. 7 Fantastique, No. 2 En revant, avec une grande douceur
Vers la flamme op. 72

B minor sonata, op. 28
Openingt speech: Bolla Milán

"... But the most powerful aspect of his play was diversity, the ability to become as many piano players as the music required."

TheaterJones, Gregory Sullivan Isaacs

Pécs-born Ádám Balogh studied at the Academy of Music under the tutelage of Attila Némethy and Gábor Eckhardt. After completing the Exceptional Talents program, he currently studies with Erasmus scholarship in Hannover under Arie Vardi. He has performed at many venues in Europe and the United States, but recently he has also been performing in Hungary. Last year he performed with the Óbuda Danubia Orchestra, the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra, Concerto Budapest, the Hungarian Radio Orchestra and the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra. He has successfully participated in international competitions. Among others he was recognized at the Chopin Competition of Budapest, the PianoTalents of Milan, and won an award the Cliburn Junior competition in Texas. Following recent succeses at two New York competition he has been invited to play next year. He received the Junior Prima Award in 2017 and was the first winner of the Youth Tüke Award of the city of Pécs.

Ticksets: 1500 Ft, Student tickets: 750 Ft


Sponsor: National Cultural Fund

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