2019. January 7., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

One-Act Comic Opera in Hungarian

Dialogs: Attila Erdős

Creative performers: Luca Bojtos, Attila Erdős, Zoltán Mózes

Featuring: Heureka Music Agency Orchestra

Assistant director: Borcsi Veres

Lyricist and director: György Philipp

Director's opening speech before the performance

The characters of the opera, boss and subordinate, master and slave, those above and the ones below could appear in any sphere and time. For those above, it turns out that the ones below are smart, they are not just some nice objects or property. They fall in love and the hierarchy disappears.

Initially an intermezzo played during breaks, the play found its way into the ranks of opera buffa. One of Pergolesi's most popular works, written at the age of 23, La serva padrona was originally performed in the breaks of the opera Il prigioniero superbo.

The only question about the story is not whether there can be love between a nobleman and a servant or a boss and a subordinate, the real question is why this is still a question today and who is concerned by the subject at all.

The three actors, Luca Bojtos, Attila Erdős and Zoltán Mózes, creative and performing artists, opera singers, dancers, comedians, performance artists, reveal even the dark side and unspoken details of this simple and humorous story directed by György Philipp.

Tickets: 2000 Ft, Senior and Student tickets: 1000 Ft


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