2018. July 5., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

Eszter Zemlényi - singer
Benedek Devich - double bass
Marcell Szabó - piano

Host: Dr. György Székely

Pieces by Bach, Bartók, Bellini, Debussy, Mozart and Verdi

Annie Fischer focused on one thing so that is what you concentrated on too: what did the composer think, what feelings did he have, why did she write this or that piece, what was he trying to say. (...) She always believed that it makes sense, that this had a future, it's worth doing, that it's necessary. This is how she lived and this is what she taught throughout her life. This is far more than a "teacher" can give to a musician, the "student" is given an example of integrity.

Tünde Csoba remembers Annie Fischer

Twenty years ago, at the initiative of Adrienne Csengery, the Annie Fischer Scholarship was founded by the then Ministry of Education and Culture for musicians under the age of thirty. Throughout her life Annie Fischer supported young talent and listened to even the youngest musicians. She talked to them about their concert experiences, their academic lessons, and listened to their opinion.

Tickets: 1400 Ft, Senior and Student tickets: 700 Ft


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