2018. June 18., 19:00
Ottó Till Hall

Gershwin piano pieces from József Balog's album Kék rapszódia, and selections from Péter Wolf's Wolf-temperiertes Klavier.

Liszt Prize-winning pianist József Balog's Gershwin CD was and still is an unrivaled success with both professionals and the audience. Gershwin's works have stood the test of time; his songs, operas and symphonic works are constantly present in the repertoire of the most outstanding performers.

This time, besides Gershwin's music, József Balog selected pieces from his next CD where he plays my piano cycle Wolf-temperiertes Klavier. The twenty-four pieces (a major and a minor composition from every step of a scale) are a string of the character pieces. My inspirations were my admiration for Bach, and József Balog's stunning, colorful play and deep art.

Péter Wolf 

Tickets: 1600 Ft, Student tickets: 800 Ft



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